Beaches in Messinia

If you are looking for a beach holiday, Finikounda is the right place for you, since this graphic little town is being surrounded by the most beautiful beaches in the region of Messinia and some of the most beautiful ones in the entire country. All beaches are easily accessible and many of them within walking distance from Panorama Resort.

Anemomilos Beach

Anemomylos beach, or Charoupia beach or else Makrynammos beach is the most popular beach in Finikounda. It is only 400m away from Panorama Resort, easily accessible and offers everyting that a visitor would ask for. Fine golden sand on the shore and crystal clear blue waters that have been awarded with the European Blue Flag. The beach is organized with sunbeds and umbrellas and several sport activities.

Loutsa Beach

Only 1.5km away from Finikounta towards the city of Koroni, at the small town of Loutsa, you will find two very beautiful beaches, Loutsa beach and Tsapi beach. Both have a cooler onshore breeze which is most attractive in the summer heat. There’s also a small harbour where the visitor can find about 15 traditional summer taverns with fresh fish and all kind of mediterannean food.

Romanos Beach

Romanos beach is ideal for those who want to enjoy swimming in a place that is not flooded with many tourists. It is located approximately 2km North of Voidokilia beach, and it is accessible from both ends, North and South. Apart from the beautiful scenery, the sandy beaches and the clear blue waters, Romanos beach is also famous for the abundance of little turtles that visit the beach for their egg deposition.

Voidokoilia Beach

Probably the most famous beach in the region of Messinia. Voidokilia beach is characterized by a unique natural beauty and its shape reminds the greek letter omega “Ω”. It is located next to Gialova lagoon, only 10km North of Pylos. The place attracts many tourists during August, but it is rather quite during the first weeks of the summer period. The beach has been named “A Place of Particular Natural Beauty” and protected by the Νatura 2000 network.

Zaga Beach

Zaga Beach is one of the lengthiest beaches in the region of Messinia. It is located in the city of Koroni, starting from the local castle and expanding hundreds of meters to the North. The beach is organized, which means that you could rent some beach umbrellas and sunbeds. You will also find some of the best traditional taverns and restaurants with great food and friendly staff.

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